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January, 2012

This is the 30th anniversary of our company!  Very proud to be at the helm of such a vibrant group of dancers!  We have four performances coming up this spring, very diverse shows: a mixed aerial and floor show at Sulpher Springs School for an ABC grant- nice to be back in the school systems.

I am working with the dancers now on our piece for the ETSU show.  My dream is to have a fully integrated aerial and floor piece, and I'm meditating on how waves wash up on a shore, since the theme of the concert is water.  I lived up in Maine for many years, with the sound of the ocean a constant sift, pour and hush in the background.  I keep seeing how it's a metaphor for how we find and lose people in our lives- no surprise that is much on my mind these days.

I remember thinking, when learning about yogic breathing, that the small round of breath was an encapsulation of larger cycles, of living and dying, of seasons passing, of the earth traveling through orbits.....and so this idea of a wave, rising, falling, washing and retreating, carrying from one shore to another all that it carries...seeing how that translates to what we carry, how we carry each other, how we let each other go with fear, compassion, grace, pain....it's the wave of living.

Just a few thoughts on a snowy morning with the farm in a deep, restful hush all about. 

Tolkien's words about dying in my mind:

"Death is just another path.  One that we all must take.  The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass.  And then you see it; white shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise."

A soldier's vision, a vision of home. 

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